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Brent Bassett

Thank you for visiting the Pulaski County Clerk's website. The County Clerk is responsible for several county administrative functions and public services.

We hope that you find our site helpful in obtaining the information you are seeking. Our normal office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. through 4:30 p.m.

The County Clerk is the election authority for the county and its political subdivisions, and is responsible for conducting all public elections. The County Clerk is responsible for all voter registration activities in the county. There are more than 20,000 people registered to vote in Pulaski County.

Please be advised that any time a voter moves from county to county or state to state, that voter will need to re-register to vote in their new county/state of residence. If a voter is already registered and moves to a new residence located in the same county, that voter will need to update their registration, preferably before election day.

The deadline to register to vote prior to any given election is 28 days. Voting in a county or precinct therein that does not represent your current residence on election day is a violation of Missouri statute and is prosecutable by law.

The County Clerk is responsible for processing payroll and administering certain benefits for county employees. It is the County Clerk's responsibility to collect and compile payroll records for each employee from the various county departments, to enter and process payment of paychecks. It is also the County Clerk's responsibility to account for payroll deductions, and to oversee administration of insurance and retirement benefits.

The County Clerk is responsible under Missouri statute to issue warrants for payment of accounts payables for the County, including vendors and contractors. It is the Clerk's responsibility to review all requisitions for payment once submitted by department heads or officeholders and approved by the County Commission.

Status of Accounts Payable

Each department head will be able to access the current status of any accounts payable. If you have a question regarding the status of processing, you should contact the department head first. The County Clerk's Office is not responsible for collecting requisitions, nor is the County Clerk able to expedite requisitions for payments.

The County Clerk is responsible for the local processing of notary public commissions. Applicants must first apply with the Missouri Secretary of State's Commissions Division, and obtain a surety bond when so instructed. The bond then must be remitted to and verified by the Clerk in order for the applicant to receive his/her oath and commission.

The County Clerk is also responsible for the issuance of county auctioneer licenses and liquor licenses.


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UPDATED: December 31, 2013

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